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Our Mission

Millions of people around the world are affected by diseases that they wish they could predict and eliminate it before it occurs. When you think about it, it’s more optimal to operate the healthcare system this way. Yet, less than 10 companies are working on this and none of them are leveraging all the new and exponential technology we have. That’s the reason three motivated teenagers started Genis: a company aimed at predicting disease using the trifecta of biomarker data (metabolomic, proteomic and genetic) to deliver optimal and targeted treatment.

The Process

Step by Step

Our novel process leverages metabolomic, proteomic and genetic data to identify diseases before they occur. After recieving a patients test results we look for a specific DNA sequence, metabolite, or amino acid sequence and if that sequence is associated with a diseases or cancer like cystic fibrosis or breast cancer, it's flagged.

A bit about us...


Ayaan Esmail

Ayaan is a 20 year old pharmacogeneticist, nanotechnology and genomic enthusiast. Speaking on the global stage at confrences like Dubai TakeOver Innovation. This summer he interned at Myant and UHN working on using functionalized nanomaterials and sensors on clothing for glucose, sweat and lactate detection.


Eshan Rasul

Eshan is a 25 year old genomics and nanotechnology enthusiast. He has developed applications in each aimed at solving some of the worlds biggest problems. Over the summer he worked at Credit Valley hospital researching the funtionalization of gold and silver nanomaterials target and treat the CA 27-29 breast cancer mutation.


Valmik Rao

Valmik is a 23-year old that’s passionate about changing the world through exponential technologies. Through his research, he investigates the biggest problems that stand in the way of regenerative medicine, currently he's working on using stem cell and lipid based nanoparticles to cure Alzheimer’s Disease .